Your Genuine & Creative Space (That You’ll Want to Show Off)


The interior design and DIY world are full of people who seem really really good at this kind of thing. So much so, that it is incredibly frustrating to look at for too long! There are pages of perfectly lit, staged photographs of everything in coordinating trendy colors set against minimalistic Scandinavian backdrops. For those of us who don’t spend hours and hours being perfect Martha Stewart clones, here are some easy ways to make your home look great and like you put a whole lot of thought into it.

First thing on the list: stop buying cheap garbage at Pier 1 and Target because somebody else says it looks cool. What do you like? What means something to you? The most interesting spaces are decorated with things people have acquired over the years, not just picked up at the local decor shop. If you feel like you don’t have any of these things, think again because chances are you probably do (if you really don’t, we’ll get to that next).

Many things can be used as decoration if displayed properly. Small floating shelves featuring your favorite books’ covers make a great substitute for wall art. Not only do the covers add visual appeal, but the books can be a real conversation starter with a guest. You can also apply this same method to almost any type of object you tend to cultivate a collection of: vinyl records, hats, ceramic cups, musical instruments, small framed post cards or photos. With the right approach, you would be surprised at what you can make look like an interesting collection.

If you really are in need of some objects for the apartment, I highly recommend using the antique malls instead of contemporary decorating stores. Those stores are great for the utilitarian parts, like shelving, candles, and textiles. However, the finished room will come across as more relaxed and genuine if you pick objects to display which have had a life and use, rather than cheap things manufactured recently which look run of the mill. It’s amazing the kinds of unique and interesting artifacts you can find at the antique malls and flea markets. Challenge yourself to find something that really speaks to your decorating style!

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