The Benefits of Witch Hazel

Witch hazel, a topical astringent that is made from the leaves, barks and twigs of the plant Hamamelis viginiana, may not be something that you have heard of. However, for something that has a spooky name, you’d be surprised to find that it serves many purposes that you’d find handy to have at home.


  • Witch Hazel can be used to remove oil from the skin and shrinking those pores, giving you bright and fresh skin.


Bruises and blemishes

  • Witch hazel has been known to treat blemishes by brightening the skin and bruises by reducing inflammation and discoloration.


Bleeding and cuts

  • Applying witch hazel to minor cuts and scrapes helps stop bleeding as well as acts as a disinfectant.



  • A great follow up for shaving, witch hazel stops bleeding from small cuts you may get from your razor as well as helping prevent razor burn.



  • With these warm Florida days, this may be one of the most helpful tips. Adding a bit of witch hazel to Aloe Vera gel can help your skin heal as well as prevent your skin from pealing afterwards.


Stings and bug bites

  • Rubbing a bit of witch hazel to bug bites or rashes from poison ivy helps ease pain and itching, perfect for those hikes and bike rides in the wooded areas of Gainesville.

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