For Batman Lovers

Not many places offer an event as unique as UF’s Bat House and Bat Barn located on the north side of Museum Road between Village Drive and Radio Road across from Lake Alice. Spend the afternoon strolling along Lake Alice or even by the Baughman Center, but once the sun sets the bats emerge from the Bat House and Bat Barn and for 15 to 20 minutes they make for a fantastic sight that is like no other. The best time to catch a glimpse of these unique creatures is on warm Spring or Summer evenings where the bats will fly overhead in search of insects or water to drink. The bats will not bother you, unless disturbed so just take a seat and watch as they flutter into the evening sky. The Bat House and Bat Barn have a capacity for 700,000 bats and the present population is estimated at 300,000 bats, so be prepared for an amazing sight!