What’s On Your List?


Everybody has one when shopping for apartments. THE list- it gets more and more specific the more places you’ve rented, the more things you’ve encountered and learned from. I’m not talking price range or amenities included. I mean the details. What are those things that really make your place comfortable and feel like home? Is there an aesthetic you’re looking for? Or is it the fact that you really want to live in a certain neighborhood? Whatever it is, it can usually be narrowed down to about 5 things. My list is as follows:

  • Needs a balcony or patio. This is an absolute must because outdoor space is a big deal to me!
  • Must have a washing machine or a laundry room because I am never doing the laundromat thing again if I can help it.
  • I really, really like old buildings – historic buildings tend to have such beautiful charm and character that I love. Please don’t ask me about the cons of old buildings…
  • Good windows are an absolute necessity. Natural light is a great mood elevator and I don’t handle the lack of light well, so it’s essential to me. It’s also good for houseplants and cats (life’s other necessities).
  • A walkable neighborhood – I like to go places on foot and on a bike, so location is pretty important when it comes to what’s near my apartment.

These are things that while I could do without, I’ve decided I really don’t want to do without. After some time apartment hunting, you can tell pretty quickly what suits your criteria and what doesn’t. It may take a few apartments to really figure it out but eventually it will become obvious.

It’s good to know what your list is when you’re looking for a spot so you can keep track of which places really make you feel at home. You might be surprised just how much of a difference this can make in the long run!