Good Deeds: Something Nice To Do This Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving is such a wonderful holiday full of family, friends, warmth, and good food. Thanksgiving travel, on the other hand, can be a complete nightmare. And for that very reason, many people do not go home this time of year to be with their friends and families. So when you’re planning your Thanksgiving celebration, try to embrace “the more, the merrier!” motto and extend an invitation or two.

If you’re lucky enough to be close to home for Thanksgiving, or to be hosting, think about your friends and what their plans are. If you have a friend or neighbor who can’t make it home for Thanksgiving this year, invite them to yours. This is the beginning of the holiday season and it can be trying for those who have to spend it alone and don’t want to, especially for those who have just lost loved ones or have recently gotten out of serious relationships.

If you’re stranded at college with a group of others not returning home for Turkey Day, try out “Friendsgiving” instead. Round up all your friends not traveling home for the holiday and do Thanksgiving potluck style. That way it is fun and affordable for everyone attending. Throw in some football or games for the day and it’s the perfect way to kick back and enjoy taking a break from school on your Thanksgiving break.

Thanksgiving Survival 101

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It’s that time! The beginning of family holiday gatherings and once again you are thrown into the ring to fight and answer questions like, “So are you still single?”. Possibly your family gatherings are stern affairs where nobody says anything and everybody looks disgruntled. Maybe none of this applies to you and you have a great time, but it is still simply exhausting. Whatever the recipe may be, winter holidays are a wonderful, but sometimes overwhelming experience. Here are the easiest strategies for Thanksgiving survival this year:

Host Friendsgiving Before or After Family Thanksgiving This will help you have a comfortable and laid back experience to associate with the holiday even if real Thanksgiving was stressful. Do it potluck style to make it even easier.

Offer Lots of Help at Thanksgiving Dinner The more you have to do, the less you’ll get involved in conversations with people that you don’t want to have. Offer to do the dishes, which is a solitary task that will give you the option of getting out of the crowd.

Practice Changing the Conversation If it’s going in a direction you don’t want it to, gracefully change the topic. If you’re asked a personal question, politely reply with the fact that you would be happy to discuss it later.

Chaperone the Kids It’s highly unlikely kids are going to stress you out like the adults will, and you can get away with playing football outside or building lego castles while everybody else does the normal Thanksgiving routine.

Bring a Friend Families will be on their best behavior if you bring someone new into the mix. Chances are you have a friend who is too far from home to go for the holiday, so offer your celebration. It can be a win-win for both of you!


Happy Stress-Free Thanksgiving!