Do You Tailgate or Party at Home?

Football season is here and there’s nothing more fun than getting amped up for the big game with your friends! Generally this is best accomplished through eating gratuitous amounts of delicious, unhealthy food (no complaints here). But where do you prefer to have your raucous pre-game festivities? Are you an avid game attender or do you like to entertain at home, surrounded by the comforts of your own apartment?

There’s certainly an argument for both. Attending the game in person is exhilarating and the tailgating festivities are a serious tradition in the south – get up at the crack of dawn, get your food and beverages ready, and hang out for hours in the parking lot with your best blue and orange on! If you’re not a morning person, a perfectly good ritual can be had in the confines of your own cozy home. There won’t be as early of a start, you’ll have more time to prep before guests arrive, the weather can’t get you down, and you won’t need to use portable toilets!

So either way, here are some great ways to make the best of game day!

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