Don’t Break the Bank: Summer Fun on a Budget!

With gorgeous weather outside comes more on the social calendar, and inevitably more pressure on your wallet. Festivals, concerts, and all those meals on the restaurant patio can quickly drain those hard-earned funds of yours. While it’s perfectly fine to splurge on a vacation, don’t let the time around town strain you too much.

Take the time to do a little research: You can find great summer deals such as daily specials at restaurants and movie theaters by planning ahead. Most restaurants offer a happy hour with reduced rates on certain meals and drinks, which can add up over the time you spend out with friends. If there is a festival or concert on your radar, oftentimes tickets are much cheaper when bought in advance, so plan ahead!

Think local: Less money spent on gas means more saving for you. Find information on local activities and events. You can save on travel expenses and you may learn more about your area in the process!

Potluck: If you are thinking of hosting a gathering, consider having it potluck style. There is nothing wrong with asking guests to contribute a side dish, dessert, or drink as long as you provide an entree and space for the party. An added bonus is the wonderful variety your gathering will have from bringing a number of different styles together.

Save on beach expenses: When you arrive at the beach, try to find street parking to avoid paying to park in lots that can charge up to $20 a day. If there is little street parking available, consider going to the beach in the late afternoon after the lots stop charging. Also, pack your drinks and lunch in a cooler, reducing the number of meals and snacks you buy out.

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