Succulent Garden Obsession!

Apartment living can mean severely limiting your ability to garden. Not all apartments get the best amount of sunlight and very few have the extra square footage for a garden, so if you love plants it can be a rude awakening. Succulent gardens are a great way to keep the green in your apartment!

Succulents require very little maintenance due to their ability to retain water and live in a small quantity of soil and rocks. This makes them ideal for apartments! Transparent glass hanging planters, vertical garden fixtures, and small tabletop dishes are perfect for the little plants. They come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors as well, making them beautiful decorations.

Since these plants store so much water, it’s important to remember to provide the right type of soil. A soil mixed with gravel or small rocks is ideal for drainage. Some succulent lovers also use what is called diatomaceous earth which helps the plant drain extra water while retaining a very small amount. Terra cotta pots are good choices to plant in since the material wicks away extra moisture from the succulents. Remember that just because they need little water and like it dry, does not mean they always enjoy full Florida sun all day!

For succulent garden inspiration, look here.