Back to School: Study Space in a Shared Apartment

If you’re about to move into a new apartment with roommates (possibly you already have), you probably realize how quickly the new semester is approaching! When the school year begins and the homework and paper assignment come piling in, will you have the right workspace to get the job done? Here are some ways you can thwart the chaotic environment that is a shared student apartment.


Problem: Your roommates constantly try to talk to you while you’re studying

Solution: The age-old “Do Not Disturb” sign on your closed bedroom door. Have a roommate meeting and explain that when the sign is turned to this position, it means serious study and homework time.


Problem: Noisy neighbors

Solution: Noise-cancelling headphones. One of the miracles of the 21st century, these may not be the cheapest thing you buy this year, but they may be the most beneficial. This way you can listen to relaxing ocean noises instead of secondhand movie soundtracks through the walls.


Problem: Privacy

Solution: Folding screens are attractive and useful in this case. If you don’t have space in your bedroom to study and have a desk in a shared space, you may need to block out other distractions. A folding screen is very practical in this case because it can be used and then removed when you are finished. Voila!


Happy studying!