Quick Stress Busters for Finals Week


It’s everybody’s favorite time of year – finals time! Wait, it’s not everybody’s favorite time of year?…Ok, so it’s more like the time of year in which you realize you put that final project off for way too long and it’s due in a week’s time. Coming from someone who’s been there, done that, I can say you will survive. So remember there’s no need to push yourself beyond the point of exhaustion. When you find yourself panicking and worrying, try one of these little methods of relaxation.

Play with a dog! It’s amazing what animals can do to improve your mood and well-being. This is why many hospitals have groups with service animals visit those who are suffering from long-term illness. If you have a dog, set aside breaks for yourself during studying and working to take your pup outside for 10-15 minutes at a time. Not only does the dog help you relax and lower stress levels, but the sunshine and fresh air will help too. If you don’t have a dog, go find someone who does!

Schedule an hour for coffee with a friend. Set aside an hour of your valuable time to do something that is truly equally as valuable as studying. The hour long break will give you a reprieve from the constant wracking of your brain. Relax, enjoy a tasty drink (I don’t recommend alcohol because that can be a slippery slope – before you know it you’ll be next on the Karaoke list), and forget about finals for an hour. When the hour is up, you should feel ready to get your nose back to the grindstone.

Do something that makes you laugh! Laughter truly is incredible medicine and is proven to lower stress levels. Watch an episode of your favorite comedy, catch up on a web comic you love, or my personal favorite – watch ridiculous cat videos on youtube.

Pay attention to school sponsored events around exam time. Many colleges will have programs which help students to de-stress during this time of the year. Take advantage of those!

Good luck on your exams!


(photo credit: whysoright.tumblr.com)