What to Do When You Think You’ve Run Out of Storage Space


So you’re out of storage huh? Think again! There is pretty much always a way to add additional storage space to your little apartment. The key is to think outside the box! Or above the box, more often. Unutilized space can be easily hidden or overlooked, but that is remedied through rearranging and rethinking the space.

Add risers to your bed – If your bed isn’t on risers, you’re losing out on some serious storage capabilities! Plastic risers are cheap and easily found at Target or IKEA which open up the space under your bed to accommodate baskets or bins for additional storage, taking up no extra floor space in your room.

Install shelves around the upper perimeter of the room – when floor space comes at a premium, look up. Adding shelves above eye level all around the room creates a tremendous amount of storage for smaller items (nothing too heavy). Just keep a folding step stool handy for reaching the shelves and you’ll be amazed at how much you can keep up and out of the way.

Add a pegboard in your closet – Pegboards can be used to hang all kinds of tools or even baskets for other items. Using the wall space saves you floor space. They’re perfect for inside a closet, inside doors, or even above your desk or in the kitchen.

Buy double-duty furniture – This one requires more investment, but buying furniture with storage space built in is a great way to keep your stuff out of sight and organized. Not all of these items are expensive either. Target often sells ottomans with inside storage for $40 or less.