Spring Cleaning Your Apartment Can Be Fun!


Finally! Spring is here. We can officially stop being depressed about the long and dreadful winter months, which dragged on like always. Thankfully Gainesville doesn’t get what other parts of the country consider a dreadful winter, but who’s going to complain about the onset of spring either way?

With the milder, more pleasant warm weather of spring comes the opportunity to throw open your apartment windows and doors and let the fresh air in. This is the best time to do so before the mosquitos get too bad, too! Letting fresh air circulate through your apartment can dramatically improve your mood and can help keep you breathing clean air.

Getting some fresh outdoor air in your lungs may also help motivate you to do some spring cleaning. Maybe you’re moving soon after graduation or the end of the semester and it’s better to get a head start on things. Or possibly it’s just been a while since you’ve given your abode a thorough cleansing and it’s the perfect time to hop to it. Either way, spring cleaning doesn’t have to be drudgery. It can be a fun and rewarding process to keep you healthier at home and lift your spirits!

Play some music Cleaning is much more fun with some peppy tunes to work to. Make a playlist of your favorite motivating music on iTunes or Spotify to accompany your spring cleaning regimen. Then get grooving and tidying!

Think of the workout you’re getting You’d be surprised how many calories you’re burning while you’re cleaning! Tasks like scrubbing, vacuuming, carrying laundry, or climbing a ladder all burn calories!

Time to do some thinking Tasks which require little focus, such as doing the dishes, the laundry, and so forth are great ways to relax and zone out while not being distracted elsewhere. The simple task occupies your hands and you can let your brain work on projects or ideas all the while. I do some of my best thinking while doing the dishes!

Follow your nose Cleaning itself helps make your apartment smell good and fresh, but it’s fun to find a good smelling essential oil and add a few drops to soapy water when you’re cleaning. You can choose an uplifting scent like orange or lemon oil, or a relaxing one like lavender to channel how you want to feel when you’re at home in your apartment.


How Long Has That Been In There?


Yes, it’s that time of year! It’s time for the spring cleaning to begin if it hasn’t already. There are a million ways to purge, repurpose, reorganize, and straighten your apartment. If you’re not exactly thrilled about the thought of spring cleaning, focus on the sense of accomplishment and peace of mind you’ll feel when you’re done!   If you don’t want to do a total closet overhaul or complete reorganization, then just focus on one easy area: getting rid of old, expired things in the bathroom.

I’m guilty of keeping a bottle of nail polish for 5 years or a bottle of perfume even longer, but these products do actually expire and should be thrown away if they haven’t been used up within their good by date. Most products like this don’t list a specific date on them, but these are the recommended guidelines:

  Medicine – Most medicine is safe beyond its expiration, however if you want to play it safe or you haven’t used something in a very long time and see no need to keep it, use this guide for instructions on how to safely dispose of medications.

Makeup – Makeup will break down once it is opened and oxidize over time. If it has not been opened it has about a 2 year life if stored away from heat and the sun. Mascara is the one to throw away the quickest, after three months. Bacteria can collect, grow, and cause infections if it is kept too long. Pencil eyeliners, eye shadow, pressed powder, and lipstick can be kept for about two years. Liquid facial makeup should be kept no longer than six months.

Sunscreen and Lotion – about three years is the limit to sunscreen’s effectiveness and it should be thrown out if it starts to smell bad. Lotion does not have any active ingredients, but some ingredients will break down after this time.

Perfume – Perfume lasts about 3-5 years, or longer. There is a little bit of debate as to how much perfume really breaks down over time. One trick fragrance enthusiasts swear by is storing it in the refrigerator where it is safe from sunlight and heat. So you may just want to move your fancy smells to the fridge.