The Safe Way to Keep Your Apartment Spider-Free


Spiders are a wonderful part of the ecological structure. They help keep pesky insects in check, which most people are thankful for. The bad part is, when it starts getting cooler outside, these little eight legged things come inside and hang out with all of us. Frequently, they are relatively harmless. Unfortunately some arachnids are venomous and potentially very dangerous. Widows and Recluse spiders are native to Northern and Central Florida and both can cause severe illness or permanent tissue damage, so it’s needless to say they are not always welcome inside the apartment.

If you want to keep the spiders out, you can buy a regular chemical based spray to kill them. But these chemicals are harsh and also potentially dangerous to yourself and your pets. There are simple, natural solutions to thwarting spiders: they dislike vinegar, citrus, and peppermint. Mixing ingredients in a spray bottle, combine water and about 15 drops of essential oils, or use equal parts water and vinegar. Shake the contents well and spray around the interior perimeter of the apartment. Remember to shake the bottle well anytime before you use the solution.

Another alternative is using sticky glue traps, which you can find in the supermarket. Make sure to keep your apartment neat and clean. The less mess you have, the less there is to attract pests of any kind. Always check your shoes before you put them on (spiders love a nice dark environment and frequently hide in shoes) and shake out clothes or blankets that have been lying around before you use them.

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