Reasons to Fall in Love With Small Spaces

small spaces

If you like a good challenge, there may be no better one than trying to fit your crazy, hectic everyday life into a 650 square foot studio apartment. Even larger apartments can be their own unique challenges depending on the layout and amount of storage space. But it’s not all bad, right? Over the years I’ve learned a few things about the bright side of downsizing and apartment problem solving:

  1. You will realize you need less than you thought you did. I’ve really gone extreme with this one lately and I can personally say it’s incredibly liberating. After moving all my junk (I’m essentially a magpie when it comes to collecting odds and ends) as many times as I have and trying to figure out how to squeeze it all into a different apartment each time, I’ve learned that it’s better to simply own less. Another great reason to own less is it costs you less. Maximalists beware: you may find yourself converting sooner than later.
  2. Small spaces encourage you to go outside. Don’t have enough room in your apartment for what you want to do? Great! Go outside! There’s plenty of room out there.
  3. Tiny apartments force you to be a creative problem solver and that’s good exercise for your brain. With a little inspiration, research, and planning you can turn a heap of a mess into an efficiently organized space. You’d be amazed at how great you are at playing organizational tetris!
  4. Small spaces are already “cozy” so you barely have to work to get yours to feel comfortable. Lazy people, rejoice!
  5. There’s less to clean! If you’re in a tiny apartment, that means it comes with tiny floors and tiny windows that take way less time to clean. Excellent.