Let’s Talk Sheets!



That’s right. Today, I thought we should discuss the ever-fascinating subject of…(drumroll please)…SHEETS. Everybody’s favorite, right? We all use them, but how often do we think about them? If you don’t use them, then that’s quite interesting and I’d like to know what you do instead. But for those of you who sleep on a bed, with sheets, this one’s for you.

I own a modest, but sufficient three sets of sheets for the bed, with the additional couple emergency pillowcases. This seems like a decent amount to rotate between without having to rush to the laundromat all the time to wash them. But how many sets of sheets should you have? And what kind? What are the best sheets made of?

It’s Not All Thread Count – Many people place a great importance on thread count with the thought that higher is better, which is roughly true. However, an important thing to keep in mind is what those threads are made of. According to RealSimple.com, Polyester blends are the least expensive and most wrinkle-resistant, but cotton will keep you cool and dry (you’re not as likely to sweat in them). Egyptian cotton is widely thought of as some of the smoothest and highest quality you can get, but pima cotton is also desirable for its durability. Also consider the ply of the sheets- single ply sheets are thinner and daintier than double ply. The weave is also important with percale being the smoothest and silkiest, twill being heavy duty and cozy, and jersey knit provides stretch.

Wash First – Sheets are typically treated with chemicals to prevent common problems like shrinking and warping, so you should always wash them first. If you’re concerned about what your sheets have been treated with, look for the term “pure-finish” when shopping, which means they were not treated with any harmful chemicals.

Bedding Changes – It’s recommended by most that sheets should be changed at least every other week, if not every week. The frequency of which you change sheets may depend on how much you sweat at night. Added bonus of frequently changing – that amazing feeling of crawling into bed with a freshly laundered set of sheets!

How Many Sets? – Apartmenttherapy.com suggests only owning two or three sets of high quality sheets to minimize the amount of clutter in your closet. If you are good about doing your laundry regularly, it should be a sufficient amount. Looks like I’m right on the money with my three sets!