The Ten Commandments of Sharing a Kitchen


Kitchens are tricky spaces to share with other people. Living rooms are a piece of cake – the TV might be the only real troublemaker in that common room. But in the kitchen there are countless ways to step on someone else’s toes. Most people are pretty finicky about their food and what’s around it, or where it goes, or who else eats it. The best way to prevent kitchen fights from breaking out is through good communication. You might not realize you’re doing something that bothers your roommate if you don’t talk! Make sure the kitchen expectations are well-known and follow these ten commandments otherwise (humor the old-school phrasing, please):

Honor thy roommate: the golden rule applies!

You know, you learned it in kindergarten – do unto others as you would have them do to you

Thou shalt not leave dirty dishes in the sink overnight

That food stuck to the dishes isn’t going to get any less stuck

Thou shalt not eat thy roommate’s food without permission or notification

Especially the ice cream

Thou shalt wring out the sponge when finished with it

Stinky sponges are the WORST

Thou shalt not wipe your hands on the dish towel

Ideally there’s a separate hand towel for that

Thou shalt not put empty containers back in the refrigerator

Just go ahead and recycle or toss it!

The dishwasher shall be loaded logically and properly

It will save everyone time later

Thou shalt not clog up the drain with food

Emptying scraps into the trash beforehand saves a lot of money in draino or plumbers

Thou shalt clean up thy crumbs on the counters

Crumbs attract ants!

Thou shalt not let food splatter in the microwave

And if you do, just wipe it up