Welcoming Our [Cleaning] Robot Overlords


Cleaning robots, like Roomba, have been around for over a decade now. I’ve always been a pretty traditional do-it-yourself type of vacuumer and so I didn’t have a particularly keen interest in the little robotic helpers. However, my roommate recently got one of the ILIFE brand ones on an Amazon Black Friday mega-special and I’ve been learning what it’s like to let something inanimate clean for you.

The first go-around was mostly to see how the cats reacted to it, which I won’t lie, was pretty entertaining. Then, the actual observation began. This particular little robot works pretty well on hardwood floors to pick up loose debris, dust, and pet hair. With three cats here, it’s hard to keep up with that amount of shedding. Even if it didn’t pick up anything else, that’s enough of a reason the little bot is a lifesaver. It’s quiet and will maneuver itself around obstacles gently, without hurting the furniture or decorative objects.

The battery life is pretty good at 160 minutes on this model, which provides enough time to clean an average sized apartment at least once over. When the vacuum loses power, it can be charged on a charging port before getting it going again. It works on hardwood floors, carpet, and tile, and it will find its way from room to room. All you have to do is click the on button and off it goes.

One of the drawbacks is since it’s round it does not get into corners. It’s really best for getting the “worst of it” out of the middle of the floors and up under the furniture (it’s thin enough to fit under most types of furniture). You’ll still need some old fashioned deep cleaning to really be thorough, but as for keeping down pet hair and dust among other allergens, it’s a huge help! I definitely recommend one to help yourself out with the day to day upkeep – who couldn’t use a little help with that?