What are Your Rights as a Renter?


Understanding your rights and freedoms as a renter in the state of Florida is important. You should be aware of the things you are allowed as well as what a landlord or property manager is and isn’t allowed to ask of you. Being aware can save you future hassle and can alert you to misconduct that may be going on in a rental community.

There are certain things your landlord/property manager is required to tell you. For example-

  • Owner/agent identity
  • Fire protection that is available
  • Radon disclaimer
  • Security deposit account information (information relevant to whether or not the account deposits are held in collect interest)

Florida law sets limitations on security deposits-

  • Landlords must return a security deposit refund within 15-60 days after the rental property has been vacated
  • Tenants must be given a list of any deductions taken from the security deposit amount before the refund is provided

If a security deposit is not returned by a landlord-

  • Tenants can sue landlords in small claims court for up to $5000 of unreturned security deposits

Rental regulations to keep in mind-

  • Your rent is due on the date listed in your lease agreement and your landlord can only charge you a late fee if it is spelled out in the lease
  • Your rent cannot increase due to a matter of discrimination. This is strictly prohibited by Florida state law
  • State law requires landlords to provide at least three days after rent is due before evicting a tenant

For more information on your rights as a tenant in the state of Florida, read more on the Florida Bar website here.