Redecorate…Using Stuff You Already Own!


I am a habitual furniture-mover-arounder and every time I go through this process it amazes me at the versatility of the things I own. It goes to show that you don’t have to buy new things to redecorate your apartment, which is great news for those of us who like to pinch our pennies (so there’s more money for important things like ice cream and shoes!). I actually just rearranged my bedroom furniture last night and even the minimal shifting I did has made a huge difference by opening up the room in a way I didn’t realize I could have before. So if you’re feeling blah with your current arrangement and you want to liven things up for summer, here are some simple ways to redo your space without spending a dime.

Orient your bed differently Beds tend to take up the bulk of an apartment bedroom and have the most weight on the overall layout. By reorienting the bed, you can significantly change the flow of movement in the room and the general feel.

Trade organizational spaces Maybe you’ve been storing your books in one place and your office supplies in another, but did you ever consider swapping? Trade spaces and you may find that certain shelves or carts work better for something different than you originally intended. It may involve some trial and error, but it also may pay off better in the end!

Rotate wall art Just because you hung a painting when you moved in doesn’t mean you have to keep that same painting there indefinitely. Move wall art around to keep your space fresh. One trick to keep yourself constantly changing your art is to use a picture hanging system like this or use two level nails in the wall, a string between them, and some clothespins to hang photos, postcards, and posters. Switching them out is as easy as squeezing a clothespin.

Repurpose your things Get creative with how you use your stuff – maybe that collection of glass jars in your kitchen would make great organizers for your toiletries in the bathroom. An old cup or mug could become a new succulent planter for your desk. There are countless ways to use the things you own!