Recycling and Living a Little Greener in Gainesville

Have you always been a recycler or is it a new habit? With Earth Day as well as the signing of the Climate Agreement in Paris the same day happening recently, being earth-friendly is both an important and relevant topic. Making simple lifestyle changes and altering habits are easy and effective ways to reduce the amount of negative impact we have on our planet.

One of the best ways to reduce waste is to change lifestyles. Do you buy a lot of bottled water? You can easily replace this habit with buying several high quality reusable water bottles and cut down on waste. The simple act of buying fewer groceries and products made with a lot of packaging helps tremendously over time. So next time you are grocery shopping, pay attention to how things are put together and think about how much trash it will amount to.

What can be recycled? Here’s a guide to everything Gainesville accepts.

In Gainesville, commercial properties are required to recycle which means all apartment complexes have recycling collections. This makes it incredibly easy for you as an apartment dweller to do your part. Check with your property manager to find out what they collect in their recycling bins and where they are located. You may also want to find out when it is collected each week.

If you’re really interested in reducing your overall waste, you may find this article helpful and very inspiring.

Taming the Recycling Clutter

If you’re an avid recycler, you probably realize how quickly the empty bottles and cans can stack up. Not to mention if you recycle paper as well, it can become overwhelming over the course of a week, taking over the limited space remaining in your kitchen or hallway and driving you crazy!

In most apartments, renters have more wall space than you do square footage. Using that wall space to its fullest potential will help you keep down the clutter! Adding hooks to the wall for hanging recyclable bags gets them off the floor and out of your way. If you are so lucky to have some floor space, but want to double up the duty your recyclables are doing, you can store your bins within another container (preferably one which has a seat or surface type top). That way you get your recycling out of sight and can use the container it’s hiding in as a functional object. Another great method of getting the recycling out of your way is to store it in containers which fit underneath another piece of furniture in the kitchen, such as a set of shelves. These containers don’t have to be ugly plastic bins, either. Pick attractive matching containers which complement the space and your decor.

Just because you move to a smaller space doesn’t mean you have to give up recycling. With a little effort and creativity you can tame the empty bottle clutter!

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