Etsy Finds To Spruce Up Your Pet’s Side of the Apartment


Sometimes pet accessories are not quite up to our own personal interior design standards. Thankfully, there are a number of talented craftspeople making unique and appealing pieces to pamper your pets with inside the apartment. From fancy houses to cute food dishes, Etsy has a wide selection of handmade goodies for your fur babies.

Pet houses

This minimalist pet house is sleek, attractive, and even customizable – it’s made from walnut and you get your choice of colored laminate accents $159

This beautifully crafted wicker basket house for small pets is perfect for a rustic and natural look. It’s sure to be cozy for your critters. $46

This is a funky boho teepee for your cat or dog that’s as cool as it is practical. Good vibes only. $115

Litter Box Cover

This midcentury mod litter box cover is a little on the pricey side, but wow is it retro cool! Keep the litter box out of sight in style. $345

Pet Beds

This little felt cat bed is pod-shaped and too cute with its own little ears sticking up off the top of it. $109

This pet bed embraces a masculine, rustic feel and is made out of a wine barrel! Super cool. $250

These pet poufs come in an awesome array of patterns and colors. Pick one that best accents your interior decor. $70+