Is Owning a Cat Good For You?


Has your apartment been feeling a little empty lately? Have the local shelter’s Facebook posts been tugging at your heartstrings? They are pretty darn cute, those fluffy little critters! Having pets has been proven to improve your quality of life overall.

If you live in an apartment, it is easier to have a cat than a dog and still find a great place to live at a decent rate. Cats are also relatively low-maintenance; as long as you can afford to take care of one and you have a small chunk of time every day to dedicate to it, it’s a pretty great partnership between human and feline. So if you’re considering it, take a moment to ponder a few pros and cons:

The Cons…

Nothing is Sacred. I repeat, NOTHING is sacred. I live with three cats and I come home to little joys like these on a semi-regular basis. Things get knocked over, torn up, eaten, mutilated and absolutely no remorse is shown. This is just the nature of the cat. Dogs look guilty when they are caught misbehaving, but cats just look insolent.


Exhibit A – what’s left of my box springs     Exhibit B – formerly a potted orchid

Allergies. If you’re not sure if you have an allergy to pet dander, you may want to find out first. Sneezing and having a headache and a runny nose all the time isn’t really my idea of fun.

Cost. Owning a pet isn’t always expensive, but vet bills can get expensive fast. So especially if you’re a student consider your budget for the upcoming year and see how a pet fits into that.

Now for the pros!

Companionship. Cats are wonderful companions, even with just a small amount of interaction. They may try to dominate your time, but thankfully it’s very cute when they do it. Phones, laptops, books…they all make great places to sit if you’re a cat.

Health Reasons. Noise frequencies between 18-35 HZ have been shown to help heal bones and muscles in people. Cats purr at about 20 HZ and love to lay around on you when you’re resting so they make a pretty amazing healing aid. Owning a cat has also been proven to lower stress levels and ultimately lower the risk of heart disease, too!

Entertainment. If you haven’t already spent hours of your life watching funny cat videos, it may make a great preview to what being a cat owner is like. I can’t count the number of times I’ve had a good laugh about something ridiculous one of these cats has done (which also brings us back to the health pro of #2). If you need examples, just google search “cats afraid of cucumbers” or “cat fails”. Cats make great entertainers, whether they mean to or not!

If you do decide to get a fancy feline and you’re in the midst of apartment hunting, use the Gainesville Apartment and Condominium Guide to find a perfect place that’s cool with cats by using the “narrow search” option and clicking “pet friendly”!