Gainesville Ecotours

It is well known that Gainesville is full of nature and outdoor activities to take part in and help inform the public about the beauty and importance of the environment around us. Gainesville Ecotours allows you truly be enveloped by Gainesville’s nature by offering guided environmental hikes, wilderness hikes, and urban ecotour hikes in different locations around Gainesville and Northeast Florida. Tours are followed by cupcakes, lunch and/or beer/wine tastings, fitness hiking, nature photography workshops or events with families or for work. These tours are designed to help you exercise, find a moment of peace, and educate you about the variety of nature and wildlife in the area. As well as hikes, Gainesville Ecotours also holds the Gainesville Ecotours Family Nature Club, which aims to get children into nature with their families and learn more about the environment. Events will be held at different conservation areas every 3rd Thursday of the month where you can explore the area. To arrange a tour today or find out about upcoming events, check the website calendar or feel free to contact the Gainesville Ecotours founder, Terri Mashour.