Shopping for Music in Gainesville

Gainesville is full of rich history and eclectic venues that appeal to all types of people. Whether you’re the adventurous type or you’re into a slower paced lifestyle, there are plenty of options to quench your thirst for entertainment and shopping. If you have a passion for music, downtown Gainesville is home to two very popular record stores, Arrow’s Aim Records and Hear Again Music and Movies. Arrow’s Aim is located at 101 N Main Street directly across from The Top Restaurant in an adorable two-story corner building. The store is open everyday from 12-8 p.m. and is a joint venture between Daniel Halal (owner of Vinyl Rites) and No Idea Records. Arrow’s Aim has an emphasis on independent labels, but there’s a lot of variety throughout the store, so pretty much anyone can find something that interests them. They also sell CDs, DVDs turntables, books, and tapes. Hear Again Music and Movies is located at 201 SE 1st Street close to Dragonfly Sushi and has varying hours of operation throughout the week. At Hear Again, you can search through many different options of Vinyl, CDs and DVDs as well as memorabilia from many different popular bands. If you’re looking to try something new or just browse for one of your favorite artists, visiting one (or both!) of these stores is definitely a recommendation because they’re little treasures of Gainesville that you won’t find anywhere else.