For the Lover of the Arts

Have you ever wanted to learn how to play an instrument, better your skill in an instrument you already know how to play, or create your own beautiful pieces of artwork? The Academy of Music and Art & Gainesville Guitar Academy offers a variety of classes from Banjo, Bass, Drums, Guitar, and even Vocals as well as Art classes. Classes are offered for both children and adults and you can customize your lesson to meet your own personal goals. For those of you who want to further your understanding of music, you can even take classes in music theory, composition and song writing. You are more than welcome to even participate in competitions or club festivals that are located all over the US. The annual registration fee is $20 and the prices for monthly lessons varies as to how many classes you take, or whether you are taking art or music lessons. With a large number of professional instructors you will be sure to get an exceptional lesson in the area that you choose. Located on 1128 NW 13th Street, be sure to call to set up a free 30 minute session and see if the Academy is the place for you!