3 Great Ways to Make More Mug Space

My household prides itself on the eclectic collection of mugs that have been acquired over the years. These ceramic oddities are diverse in size, color, pattern, and design. Many were gifts, specifically chosen for the resonance they would have with the mug recipient. Others are oddball thrift store finds and are bizarrely humorous. Some are handmade by friends who are talented ceramicists. All in all, we have a LOT of mugs and we drink a LOT of coffee. So storing this many mugs gets tricky, especially in a place with little cabinet space. Thankfully, my roommate is incredibly creative as well as handy and she came up with three great ways to combat the problem.

  1. Built-in countertop mug cubbies This adorable idea is functional and pleasing to the eye. Use wood to build a simple box of shelves, divided up into varying sized cubbies for your different mugs. Either attach these shelves to the backsplash area above the countertop or leave it freestanding to store your mugs. Stain, paint, or decorate any way you want it to look. It’s an excellent way to utilize under the cabinet space.


2. Hanging hook mug storage When you run out of space on countertops, move up the wall. Attach metal hooks to the underside of small wooden shelves, which are then placed on decorative shelf brackets. Make sure the shelves are securely attached to the brackets to prevent the mugs from coming crashing down. Hang these shelves near your coffee maker for optimal placement.


3. Floating shelves If you’re extra handy, you can build simple, but effective floating shelves. This requires more power tools and space but pays off big if you’ve got the resources. In our case, we had an entire nook area to fill with shelves, which maximized the dish storage space. Make sure if you’re building load bearing shelves, they’re properly secured to the wall, into studs. This type of construction also warrants permission from your landlord as well!