An Easily Forgotten Moving Pro-Tip


I myself have fallen prey to an overlooked apartment detail…stairwell measurements. It’s not often on the forefront of your list when you’re moving, but it should at least BE on the list. Trust me, there isn’t much worse than getting your box springs stuck going up the stairs.

Preferably before the moving process even begins and while you’re still considering your new apartment, make sure you can actually get your furniture up the stairs or in the elevator and to your prospective spot. You may want to take measurements of the stairwell and the hallway so there are no mishaps. Other tricky and often forgotten spots are hallways, entry doors and secondary doors, and rooms inside the apartment you have to move things through. Unless you plan on selling your large furniture and buying new things, this could be a dealbreaker for the apartment.

When I had my box springs mishap a few years ago, I was thankfully able to narrowly back it out of the cramped stairwell. Then, like an intelligent person, I took the exterior stairs on the back of the building instead. Thankfully that set of stairs didn’t have walls built up around the sides and the open areas allowed my friends and I to move the bed more freely.

Some of the items you might want to measure before you move (from your current space) are:

  • Bed
  • Bed Frame (ideally it comes apart)
  • Sofa
  • Dining Table
  • Desk
  • Bookshelves