Getting Better at Mornings


Right up there with doing my taxes and going to the doctor are mornings. Except mornings happen every day. Every day! Tragic. But the time comes in most people’s lives when mornings just have to happen and it’s most certainly better if they happen successfully and painlessly. But throughout most of my life mornings have been neither of these things. So as an adult, I’ve had to make some lifestyle changes in order to better conquer the beginning of the day. Everyone has their own way of handling the dreaded early hours of the day in which we are slow to move, slow to think, and would rather just snooze a few more minutes.

Preparation is key. The more you do the night before, the easier the next morning is. I like to have everything ready to go for the next day so I really don’t have to think about it in the morning…because let’s face it, I don’t think well in the mornings. And chances are I’m going to forget something incredibly important while I’m stumbling around trying to get myself put together for the day.

Getting into the habit of waking up at at the same time each day is what I’ve found to help the most. The fluctuation of bedtime and when you wake up can make it much more difficult to get up and be ready for the day ahead. Keeping a consistent bedtime and alarm time get your body into the physical habit of waking up and help you feel more rested and alert once you’re up. Once you’ve crawled out of your bed, it helps to really move around. Doing a quick set of jumping jacks or even just a minute plank gets your blood flowing and helps wake you up. Trust me, I’m not about to go through a whole workout routine right after I wake up but getting moving (even for a minute or two) can seriously help.

Once you’ve gotten the ball rolling, a good breakfast helps seal the deal. I’m not much into heavy breakfast foods, but lighter foods packed with protein help prepare you for the rest of your day. For lots of ideas on what to eat, check out these protein rich breakfast ideas. Last, but not least, a big cup of coffee because I’m convinced coffee is what makes the world go ‘round.