Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall


Since apartments tend to be on the compact side and mirrors are well-known ways to make a space feel larger…it’s a decorating match made in heaven. Using mirrors in your apartment will make it feel more spacious and they’re also a great way to add visual interest to a room. But you don’t want to just go get a blah mirror from a big box store – there are more unique types to suit your individual style.

Rainbow Mirror – I like this arc-shaped rainbow mirror from Urban Outfitters because it’s a good sized mirror that is not a typical mirror shape. The arced shape helps you create a more dynamic space in your apartment. It’s also very affordable considering both its size and the uniqueness of it. $59

Stockholm Mirror – This is one of my all-time favorite mirrors and is high on my decor wish-list. This lovely mid-century mirror is a great size and has one feature that blows other mirrors away in my book. The frame gently extends out at the bottom to form a shelf for setting knick knacks or your keys, change, or accoutrements when you come in the door. $100

Hub Floor Mirror – The Umbra floor mirror is a little pricier, but does more than your average mirror. Not only does it have an attractive, sleek, minimalist design, but it does double duty (which is what I say all good apartment furniture does). The back of the mirror is a rack for clothing, towels, or jewelry so not only do you get a great floor length mirror to see your whole outfit, but you get some precious storage space out of it as well. $200

Hanging Rectangle Mirror Jewelry Storage – The second Urban Outfitters piece here, proving UO’s mirror game is strong. This particular one is a double duty option as well. It provides functional and attractive space for organizing your jewelry as well as a gilded mirror to adorn your wall. And it’s affordable to boot. $39