Brighten Up

If you’ve found yourself in an apartment with very few windows or even worse – no windows, don’t despair! There are alternative ways to brighten your space as well as your mood. The best part is, it’s possible to do without breaking the bank!

The first and most obvious way to lighten it all up is with paint. Picking a light neutral paint color to use on both the walls and ceiling will increase the amount of light reflected back to you. If you decide to repaint the trim as well, always pick a slightly brighter shade than the walls to add a nice contrasting pop.

If your apartment does have windows, don’t subdue them with heavy or dark window treatments, but keep blinds, curtains, or valances to a minimum and in light airy colors and fabrics.

Mirrors help reflect light and make a space feel bigger and brighter. Find a large decorative mirror to use as a focal point in your living room or apartment entrance and you’ll be surprised at how well it opens up the space and improves the lighting.

If you decide to replace furniture or if you’re shopping for new furniture anyway, consider neutral, light colored furniture, transparent pieces, or options which are open in their design, letting light and color through. Dark, chunky furniture can feel overwhelming in a small space, especially with little light.

One last important thing to do is to add light fixtures and lamps. Add all the extra light you can to make your space inviting and uplifting. Use bulbs with a good amount of light output and which mimic daylight the best.