Lighten Your [Travel] Load!


I’m guessing your summer vacation planning is in full swing – I know mine is! The sun is out and the air is nice and hot already and the summer months are upon us. Once your plans are set, it’s time to start the packing. Whether you’re going a few hours away or across an ocean, consider these packing tips to help you lighten your load. Plus, when you do that, it makes more room for awesome souvenirs!

Things you really DON’T need to pack:

Much of anything valuable You may need to bring your computer and your phone, but otherwise keep the valuables to a minimum. Things, especially small things like jewelry, get lost, stolen, or left behind so easily when you’re on vacation. It may be best to leave those at home.

More than two books I understand, trust me. I’m quite the reader. Unless you have an extraordinarily long flight or trip (I did take more than two books to Taiwan, but they were all short…) you most likely won’t read more than two. I also recommend leaving the hardbacks behind.

More than two pairs of shoes The rule of two, again. Sandals and closed toe shoes. Or, casual and dress shoes. Or, active and lounging shoes. Fit your two to your trip!


Things you really DO need to pack:

Small bottles of things Don’t bring the full size, don’t even mess with TSA or you’ll regret it when you’re waiting around an airport and they’re poking through your things. Chances are, you’ll have to trash it and buy a new one if you pack the full size. Make sure all your bottles are TSA compliant and skip the hassle. If you’re not flying, travel size just saves some weight in your bag so either way it’s a winning idea.

Sleep Mask or Earplugs if you’re flying because sleeping really isn’t easy on a plane, so you may as well aid that as much as you can. And everyone needs their beauty sleep.

Hand sanitizer you never know what you’ll get into when you’re traveling!