5 Things To Lift Your Mood at Home


You may find yourself stuck in the routine of coming home from work, collapsing, sinking into the couch, and zoning out to oblivion while your eyes roll back into your head as the TV drones on for hours until bedtime. In case it wasn’t obvious, this is not idea for your physical or emotional health! While living in an apartment can put restraints on some of your activities, there are still simple ways to have a happy and healthy time at home.

Open a Window! Weather permitting, fresh air will usually give you a real mood boost! Sometimes air in an apartment can get stagnant and you won’t realize how much it affects you until you get some fresh air. Check the weather for high pollen alerts before opening windows if you have bad seasonal allergies.

Buy Fresh Flowers! Studies show that fresh cut flowers can help improve people’s moods on a regular basis. Check your local florist or farmer’s market each week for special deals so you can keep things blooming on a budget.

Listen to Music! Music can significantly affect your mood, so listen to music that relaxes you or elevates your mood. Instead of turning on the TV, put your iPod on shuffle or play your favorite album.

Light Things Up! Mood lighting does what it sounds like..creates a mood. So have a lamp you love the soft, warm glow of, or some string lights, which help you relax and feel at home. Generally light bulbs which are warmer, or yellower in color are more relaxing than those that are cooler, or bluer.

Embrace Rituals! Traditions, rituals, or habits are all comforts. If you like to come home and make a cup of tea, do it every day as a form of relaxation. Or maybe you enjoy taking 30 minutes to do yoga, but don’t find the time often enough. Whatever fun or comforting activity you enjoy, embrace it and let it be a part of your daily routine.