Unconventional, Useful, Beautiful: Ladders as Apartment Decor

When you live in a small apartment, wasting usable space is no longer an option! You become intensely aware of how little floor space you have and notice your walls are not just for hanging art anymore. For the same reason large cities have skyscrapers and build up and not out, you have to work your way up the walls in a small apartment to get the usable space you need.

This is why I think ladders are such a useful tool for apartment dwellers. The lattice-like structure of a ladder is perfect for hanging towels, jewelry, magazines, or even for hanging a simple light as seen in this Homey Oh My! post here (I love the way this one is two-toned natural wood and black paint, which would be easy to replicate a DIY version of). And not only are they functional, but they can add visual interest to an otherwise blank space.

These ideas extend beyond your standard a-frame too, although there are some great ideas for a-frames like these right here. While you can utilize an old thrifted or hand-me-down ladder, you don’t necessarily need one to create this fabulous organizational system. There’s a great DIY using copper pipes you can buy at your local home improvement store, right here. This one is a really nice dressed up version of the original wooden variety and would add sophistication to any room.

If you’re not necessarily the DIY kind of person, there’s a clever little chair from IKEA, the Rågrund, which utilizes the ladder idea in place of a traditional chair back.