Dealing With Kitchen Pests


Maybe you’ve never seen the FX show Archer (and maybe that’s a good thing considering its brand of off-color humor) but every time I see crumbs on the kitchen counter I can’t help but conjure up an irritable Stirling Archer screaming, “This is how we get ants!”. That humorous little tidbit helps remind me that kitchen pests are a real thing and boy are they annoying to reckon with.

Not only do insects and rodents look nasty, they are pretty nasty. Particularly the mice and rats tend to carry diseases – “Hello, Bubonic Plague calling…” and insects are mostly annoying because you never want to find a trail of ants leading into your pantry and worse, into your food containers.

So step one is to try and prevent this from happening. If your apartment complex offers pest control, make sure it is up to date and most likely you will be in the clear. However, some of it is your responsibility. Keep food cleaned up regularly and don’t leave dirty dishes sitting around or open containers of food products out for any period of time. Keep an eye on the countertops and wipe up crumbs and spills that might attract critters. Standing water is also attractive to roaches, so keep your shower and bathroom as dry as possible. One more harmless way to prevent an insect infestation is to keep dried bouquets of lavender around. It smells nice anyway and helps keep those bugs out.

Chances are if you’ve seen one culprit of any variety, there are others. For mice, clean up any waste matter with disinfectant and wash any dishes that are within the general area of the evidence. Then, set traps around the edges of the room and bait with peanut butter. It’s not the most attractive method but it is effective. You may also want to consider calling an exterminator.

For insects, you can try household bug sprays, but you have to be careful with pets around and make sure you’re not harming them while trying to eradicate the pests. For insects you may also want to spray outside the apartment as well where they may be coming in. Chances are they are coming in from within the building and if you have a recurring problem you may also want to talk to a professional to get rid of the pests.