Simple Habits To Keep Your Clothes Looking New


Buying new clothes all the time can be fun if you love to go shopping, but it gets expensive! Even if you’re a Grade A bargain hunter, it’s better for your wallet and for the environment to buy better quality clothing and take good care of it. Keeping your clothes looking fresh isn’t necessarily difficult, either.

Wash less often A common thing to do is to wash something after wearing it once. How many hours did you wear it? Were you exerting a lot of energy and sweating when you wore it? If you only wore something half a day for leisurely activities, you can typically hang it back up to air out. Things like sweaters, jackets, and loose-fitting jeans can go a number of wears without being washed. This will prevent unnecessary wear on your clothes.

Separate clothing by color and by weight Washing delicates in with jeans can tear up your finer things. Wash paints and heavy clothing together while saving thinner tops and delicates for a separate cycle.

Check the temperature Your clothing will tell you how to wash it, which is helpful. As a rule, cold water does less harm to your clothes than warm. However, if your workout clothes may need to be washed in warm or hot water to get the sweat or deodorant out. Bonus – using cold water uses less energy, too.

Wash and dry inside out This will protect the exterior of your clothes from fading as much when you wash them.

Air dry more Over-drying clothes will fade, shrink, or damage them. Some drying is fine, but most things are better air dried most of the way and gently dried to soften them up. Or you can do it the other way- dry them part the way in the dryer, then take them out and hang them up or use a folding laundry rack to dry them on. If you have to pay extra to use a dryer, this is a great way to save money on your laundry.