Jewelry lovers

If you love jewelry and you are often buying cute, trendy pieces from places like Forever 21 or Icing, then you know that those pieces of jewelry are not real metal and the more you wear them, the more their color will wear down, or maybe even turn your fingers green. Not much is worse than losing a cute ring, necklace or bracelet because of wear and tear. Here is a trick to keeping your cheaper jewelry intact, so that it will last much longer and you can even use it on real metal just to keep it from tarnishing. Get a can of Krylon clear glaze in any store that has a home d├ęcor section and spray a coat of the glaze onto your jewelry. Allow it time to dry and that is it! In one easy step, you have just made your jewelry last much longer. Now you no longer have to be afraid of buying jewelry just because it may not be real. The can of glaze is relatively inexpensive and one can will last you a long time, so go on and shop away!