Helping a Roommate with Holiday Anxiety


The holiday season is a double sided coin for sure. The lights are beautiful and music is nostalgic, but there’s unfortunately another side too. Holidays are a tough time for many people in America and college aged individuals and young professionals are no exception. Those who already suffer from depression can have a harder time at holidays, but this time of year can be difficult for those who do not normally suffer from depression as well.

If you think your roommate is feeling more down than usual during the holiday season, there are some simple ways you can offer some help.

Do some talking. It doesn’t always seem like it helps much, but allowing someone to talk about what’s on his or her mind can really lessen the stress they’re feeling.

Do some laughing. Laughter can be a great way to alleviate stress and work towards a more positive mood. It can be as minor as putting on a funny movie you both like or texting a silly cat video or funny picture.

Show your appreciation. Remind your roomie that it’s good to live with him or her. Sometimes this simple reminder makes a big difference in a person’s day.

Get some Exercise. Exercise is a great stress reliever and it’s even better when you have a workout buddy. Hit the gym together or go for a run in the afternoon.

Extend an invitation. If you’re worried about your roommate being alone on a holiday without anyone to be with, invite him or her to your celebrations.

If you’re ever seriously concerned with the mental or emotional well-being of your roommate, don’t hesitate to call a help line. There are a number of local mental health and wellness resources at your disposal here.