Giving Gifts that Pay it Forward


I’m a little bit of a curmudgeon when it comes to the holiday shopping extravaganza that happens every year. I get bummed out over people spending oodles of cash on things for the sake of giving somebody “something”, whether or not that person wants or needs it, but because we feel socially obligated to. I know you’re letting out an audible groan at my Grinchiness right now, but I’ve given it some more thought and pose the question – If you must buy gifts, why not buy gifts from companies who do something charitable in return?

Out of Print is a company which provides literature lovers with the necessaries to outwardly express their favorite novels and authors. They sell shirts, socks, accessories for the home, and more. Proceeds from their sales go toward literacy programs and book donations to children in need.

My Out of Print pick, West Egg (The Great Gatsby) Pennant for the apartment


Hand in Hand Soap not only makes and sells soap, but donates a bar for every bar sold. The company works with My Neighbor’s Children charity group to donate soap to people in areas where sanitation is an issue. The charity primarily focuses on helping children in Haiti.

My Hand in Hand Soap pick, a face tonic and hand salve (in jasmine for me) gift set sounds amazing!


Twice as Warm creates quality made in the US winter accessories (hats, scarves, gloves) and donates one to a local shelter with each purchase. Twice as Warm designs are classic and simple and the products are great for gift giving.

My Twice as Warm pick, a chunky knit black marled infinity scarf that looks pretty darn cozy and cute.