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Using the Gainesville Apartment & Condo Guide to Get What You Want!


Are you hunting for an apartment for the new school year? Or did you just score a great job in the Gainesville area? For whatever reason you’re looking, finding your next apartment in Gainesville can be simple. Using the Gainesville Apartment Guide allows you to search a specific list of features and amenities to help you pick the perfect new place.

Starting on the homepage, take a look at featured apartment communities in the slideshow. Or you can start by selecting how many bedrooms you need and a price range to suit your budget from the drop menus. After the broad search loads, take a quick look to see if anything catches your eye. Or if you want to narrow down your search a little more, go to the “Narrow Your Search” tab at the top and take a peek at all the different ways to get specific results.

What are your priorities for your new apartment? Are you looking for one with a pool? Or is it important to you to have a shorter lease term? It’s a good idea to make a list of your priorities in order. Then starting with the top priority, narrow down your search results one by one, taking into consideration the results each time. You can check all the requirements at once, but you’ll have more options (and you can rate the options in order) if you tackle it with a methodical approach. You can even narrow the search by distances to UF and Santa Fe College!

Once you’ve found your choices, you can check out photos of the communities, look through floorplans and prices, and even directly contact the property from the listing to let them know you’re interested!  Let the apartment staff know you found them through the Gainesville Apartment and Condo Guide.

The Continuum

This week’s featured community is The Continuum. The Continuum is a new community built exclusively for graduate students and professionals from the University of Florida.

The Continuum is the only UF-affiliated community in Gainesville, so they have the opportunity to tap into UF’s resources for programming and provisions for their residents (one of which is having a UF staff member on-site).

The Continuum is within walking distance to downtown and they are near campus, on two convenient bus routes. The location is the number one thing their residents love about them. The apartments are fully furnished as well, which is convenient for their international students and those coming to UF for just a short period of time, making the adjustment to apartment living in Gainesville easy. Coffee, tea, and cookies are available in the business lounge every day.

There are a variety of resident activities that are fun, relaxing, informative, or active, some of which feature presentations from UF organizations such as the Counseling and Wellness Center and Career Resource Center. There are game nights, breakfast to go, and a monthly birthday celebration alongside sports game viewings and Conversation Partners, which is for international residents looking to improve their English. Fitness classes start this fall, and they also have a running club that one of the residents started.

The rent is ALL-INCLUSIVE, so you don’t have to worry about paying all those bills on time! Extended cable, internet, garage parking, water, and capped electricity are all included each month in addition to the furnishings and appliances – even a washer and dryer.

As if all of this isn’t enough, they are also planning to add a dog park area for their residents with canine companions – yes, pets are welcome!

By offering all-inclusive rent and furnished apartments, programming that expands the mind, and 24-hour amenities such as the business lounge and fitness center, The Continuum’s team desires to meet the needs of their residents while making their experience as enjoyable as possible. They are dedicated to serving their residents through all aspects of their experience in the community.

Stop by or give them a call today. This community truly has it all with a great location close to the University and the best amenities in town. The Continuum, 425 West University Avenue, Gainesville, FL 32601 Phone: 888-817-1592

Show some love and tell them you heard about them through the Gainesville Apartment and Condo Guide.


4 things to save for when looking for an apartment

We all know that when looking for a new apartment, one of the biggest costs you will have to keep in mind is what your new rent is going to cost. However, there are several other things that you have to keep in mind that will add to your move in-cost.

-Security deposit: The purpose of security deposits are for the landlord or property manager to have to deduct for unpaid rent, damages, or repairs that may be needed when you move out. Make sure to leave your apartment in the same way you came in and be sure to look though your apartment as you move in and take note of things that may have been damaged by the previous owner to make sure you don’t get billed for it.  Photographs really help too.

-Utility deposit: When first moving in, you may have to create a new utility account and there may be an initial set-up fee.

-Moving transportation: Maybe you have your own truck or maybe even friends to help you, but chances are high that you will need to rent a truck and/or movers.

-Moving supplies: From boxes to tape to cleaning materials, you will be buying a few things to help you out in your moving process. Keep that in mind and try to find supplies on sale before you plan to move.

Make sure to have a bit of money saved up before you begin your apartment search!    Finding the perfect apartment and a new home is always fun.  If you need help finding a great place then pick up a copy of the Gainesville Apartment and Condo Guide at any Publix or a yellow street box.  You can also visit them online at  Happy Apartment Hunting.


Sundowne Villas

This week’s featured apartment community is Sundowne Villas, located at 3600 Windmeadows Blvd in Gainesville. Sundowne Villas offers spacious studio and 1 bedroom single-story apartment homes at very affordable rates in one of the most convenient locations in Gainesville. Located just steps away from Butler Plaza and Regal Cinemas 14, you have everything you need from entertainment to popular restaurant options right at your fingertips.

The large sparkling swimming pool is definitely Sundowne’s most popular amenity. With brand new pool furniture and plenty of space for you and your guests, what’s not to love? Sundowne hosts monthly resident functions ranging from pool parties, to resident breakfasts.

Sundowne is centrally located just 1 mile from I-75, University of Florida, Shand’s and Oak’s Mall! No need to have a car if you live at Sundowne because Publix, Target, Walmart and some of the most popular restaurants are all within walking distances. They are a pet friendly community without restrictions. They offer utility and furniture packages. *(Additional charges will apply).

The team at Sundowne Villas strives to maintain superb customer service for their current resident’s and future renters. From the little things like remembering your name, to the bigger things like completing your work orders within the same day, they continue to prove that GREMCO offers the highest level of customer service.

Stop by or give them a call today for your tour. Sundowne Villas • 3600 Windmeadows Blvd • 352-448-4961sundowne photos 2

Ridgemar Commons Apartments


This week’s featured community is Ridgemar Commons located at 3611 SW 34th Street in Gainesville.  Designed with your comfort and style in mind, Ridgemar Commons offers 1 & 2 bedrooms in a cozy atmosphere fused with stellar customer service. Their unique floor plans are designed to fit your needs and lifestyle. Some homes include extra “bonus rooms” that can be tailored to your specific desires and interests while others include full size Washer & Dryer connections with tons of storage space. Having the privacy and lifestyle you deserve in a community that is conducive to achieving academic and professional success makes Ridgemar Commons a superior choice.  They offer flexibility with their traditional lease types as well as an individual lease offering.

Relaxing atmospheres are created at their beautiful, resort-style pool,  basketball court and internet cafe.   They are pet friendly and offer your furry friends their very own Dog Park!   Enjoy convenient living less than 2 miles from the University of Florida and less that 6 miles from Santa Fe College. Ridgemar Commons is located on the RTS Bus route and is also in walking distance to Butler Plaza. Shands Hospital, I-75 and Archer Road are close by too.

See more at:

Give them a call today to learn how you can reserve your new apartment. 352.448.4954

4 Great Reasons to Live Off Campus in Gainesville

Living on campus is great when you first go to college. It is a great way to meet a lot of new people, get really familiar with your surroundings, and getting to and from class is a breeze. However, as you enter into your sophomore and junior years, you may start to want to get away from the cramped-up dorm life and experience what really living like an adult is like. Moving from a campus dorm into your own apartment is a big change in many great ways! Here are just a few of those reasons:

Cool Amenities

Many apartments offer a variety of cool amenities that you would have to travel to or pay for otherwise if you were living in a dorm. Many apartments have a pool, tanning beds, basketball and tennis courts, recreation rooms and so much more that are all just a few feet away from your apartment and available to you at almost all times.

Come and Go as You Please on Holidays

For many residence halls, it is mandatory for you to leave your dorm room during the holidays to go home (with only some dorms having exceptions if you are a foreign exchange student). This can be a hassle for out-of-state students who are getting kicked out of their dorms for shorter holidays or breaks and don’t want to spend the money on expensive plane tickets for a short 4 or 5 day weekend. In your own apartment, you can choose when you want to go home, no RA to tell you when you have to leave.

Freedom from RA’s

Speaking of RA’s (resident assistants for those of you who may have never lived on campus) living in your own place allows you freedom from their rules. Many RA’s can be strict and can write you up for being just a bit too loud. They often go door to door to invite you to social events that would be great if you were a freshman who was seeking to meet new people in a new environment, but not for you, a junior who just wants to get their 15 page paper done.

More Space, More Privacy

Now for the obvious. The biggest benefit of living off campus is the fact that you have a lot of space and your privacy. No roommates going through your stuff, no awkward shuffles with your floor mates coming to and from the kitchen, and the very best… your own bathroom.

Go ahead and start looking for your apartment now and remember,  The Gainesville Apartment and Condominium Guide is just the tool you will need to find the apartment that will be just right for you in Gainesville, Florida.  They have a printed edition as well as an online version to help you research all of the options and make the perfection fit just for you.  They have the largest database of Gainesville Apartments and have listed all of the available amenities, polices, lease terms, and rental rates to make your search as easy as possible.

Hunters Run Apartments

Hunters Run Apartments

This week’s featured apartment community is Hunters Run Apartments.  Located at 2600 SW Williston Road you will find yourself close to just about everything, while still having the feeling of seclusion and quiet.  Hunters Run is only minutes from the University of Florida, Shands, The VA, Archer Road, as well as I-75 and the Oaks Mall.

Hunters Run is unique in that they are a very warm, welcoming, and pet friendly community.  There are a large variety of amenities and residents.  Many activities are hosted each month to get residents together.  The maintenance team is hardworking and super-efficient, and the office staff always offers a helping hand displaying their top notch customer service skills.

Hunters Run is a community of professionals, grad students, and families young and old, but they do lease to anyone that qualifies.  Their maintenance crew and office staff are a group of hardworking individuals who work well as a team.  They are committed to making Hunters Run a great place to call home.

They love to get to know their residents and are always up for a friendly chat if anyone wants to just drop by.  The amenities and the apartment interiors and exteriors are well kept by a large team of people including the former residents who have alway taken great care to leave everything in great condition.

Some of the most popular amenities are the sparkling blue, expansive swimming pool with a lap lane and the 24/7 work-out facility.  Residents love the gorgeous pool as it is well kept and very tranquil.  It is the perfect size for the community.  There is a lap lane for those who want to swim laps, and a hot tub close by for relaxation and therapy to aide sore muscles or stress after a long day at work.

Stop by and take a look for yourself.  Or call and schedule a tour.  352-745-3903.    2600 SW Williston Road, Gainesville, FL 32608



Saving Money While Apartment Hunting

Searching for and finding just the right apartment can be a hassle. Comparing prices, making sure you’ll be close to your job and/or school, and worrying about who you will be living with is enough on your plate, but making sure you are being responsible with your money is important too. Here are some ways to watch your wallet while you are on the look out for a new apartment.

Don’t use a broker.  Unless you are moving to a completely different new city and you don’t know anything about the area, you can save a ton of money by searching on your own by using a free apartment guide of the area. Research the area you are considering moving to yourself and visit the area to get a feel for it. The money you will save by not having to pay some middleman their commission will astonish you.

Ask about move-in discounts.  Apartments are almost always offering move-in deals and discounts to compete with other apartments in the area, and you can save a bundle by using that to your advantage. Some apartments offer a percentage off your first month when you sign a year lease, while some will even offer the first month or two free. Don’t be afraid to ask.

Move yourself.  Instead of paying big bucks to hire moving men, consolidate and pack efficiently and move yourself. If you have to, rent your own small moving trailer or have a few friends help you, but at the end of the day, this route will be a lot cheaper than paying strangers to do it for you.

All the money you save can be used to buy new things for your awesome new apartment. Happy apartment hunting!


Cottage Grove at Gainesville

Cottage-Grove-at-Gainesville-LoblollyThis week’s Featured Apartment Community is Cottage Grove at Gainesville.  This beautiful community is certainly unique in that it is all individual houses.  So, there is no sharing a wall with a neighbor; you and your roommates have a house all to yourselves while also enjoying all of the amenities an apartment has to offer.

Residents at Cottage Grove love to spend their days and weekends at the resort style pool.  They also enjoy 24/7 access to the clubhouse, which houses a fitness center, tanning beds, study room and coffee bar.

Cottage Grove hosts resident activities every month.  From their annual Halloween party, Spring time BBQ, to multiple pool parties throughout the year.  They also have a weekly Tasty Tuesday where they serve a variety of meals from tacos to fettuccini alfredo.  You are certain to find something fun to do while you call Cottage Grove home.   Even with all of this fun, Cottage Grove is still a quiet community.  Many of their residents are serious students so you will never have to worry about loud house parties interrupting your relaxation.

Cottage Grove is a new community having been built in 2008.  They offer beautiful advanced amenities and fixtures such as stainless steel appliances, granite countertops and real hardwood floors.

You should really stop by Cottage Grove and see this fantastic community.  You won’t be sorry.  They are located at 4600 SW 13th Street, which makes them feel like they are away from the hustle and bustle of it all, but they are actually only 5 minutes from the University of Florida’s campus, Shands, Archer Road and Butler Plaza with hundreds of shops, restaurants, and entertainment.

Give them a call today to schedule a tour.    352-327-4404