What Not To Buy at IKEA


IKEA, IKEA, IKEA…I barely ever stop rambling about the beloved Scandinavian do-it-yourself superstore and fate has it that I’ll be stalking some new goodies for my place there today. So I thought what better time than the present to go over what may not be this particular store’s strong suit.

Mattresses – IKEA is known for convenience, great design, and affordability. Mattresses need to be comfortable and high quality because you’re going to spend every night recharging your batteries on it. It MUST be comfortable and good for your health. IKEA mattresses are decent, but not necessarily worth the investment which could be put into a much better and higher quality product.

Built-in cabinets – They offer complete kitchen renovations and while they look nice, it will be worth your while to go with a higher grade cabinet. When you think of how often you want to do a kitchen renovation I’m going to guess it’s not very often. Longevity is not necessarily a word I immediately associate with IKEA.

Couches – Beware the IKEA couch. It looks so nice and stylish, but don’t buy without trying it out! They tend to be tough and not as competitive on the price. That’s ok, you don’t have to get everything in your apartment there.

Any other furniture you want to cherish for years to come – I’ve had plenty of IKEA stuff go for years and be spectacular, but the bottom line is that it’s not hard wood, it’s most likely made of sawdust and glue, and therefore it will not last a lifetime. If you’re looking for a bargain dresser or vanity, check out flea markets and yard sales and you may be able to get a higher quality piece of furniture at a reasonable price.

It would be unfair if this article was completely negative so to list a few things that are always a good idea to buy at IKEA:

Decorative objects


Lamps and light fixtures

Textiles – rugs, throw pillows, blankets

Garden accessories


Kitchen stuff – dishes, utensils, organizational containers


Picture frames

Clothes hangers