Back to School – Foods that Help You Focus


If you’re heading back to school soon, it’s tough getting out of the lazy summer days mindset and back into the swing of going to class and studying every day. There are many changes to include in your back-to-school routine, but one of them that could help is your diet. Some foods are proven to help brain function and boost your ability to concentrate. According to, these are the best brain-boosting foods you can eat.

Fish – Of the reasons fish is good for you, keeping your brain healthy is a major one! The omega 3 fatty acids in fish are incredibly beneficial to your brain. Those who eat more fish are also less likely to develop degenerative aging disorders like dementia later in life.

Avocado – Avocados promote healthy blood flow through lowering cholesterol. Good blood flow = good brain function!

Nuts – Vitamin E rich nuts are great for your brain (and your skin!) and help keep you healthy now and as you age. Those with Vitamin E-rich diets are less likely to develop problems later in life, like Alzheimer’s.

Dark Chocolate – Eating dark chocolate is delicious and good for you. The antioxidents in dark chocolate are great for your brain and the small amount of caffeine in it can give you a quick boost.

Blueberries – Not only are blueberries rich in antioxidents as well, but they actually help lower your blood sugar. In studies using rats, they also have been proven to increase the rats’ ability to learn.