Getting a workout from the comfort of your own home

We’ve all heard and had the excuses, “I’m too busy to go to the gym” or “I don’t want to embarrass myself in front of the other people at the gym”. Working out can be a bit of a challenge to get into, but the results are so worth it beauty-wise, and more importantly, health-wise. You don’t have to strive to look like a body builder, but adding in a few minutes of working out every day, will make you healthier. From fat burning, to strength training, you don’t have to go to the gym to get in some cardio. Check out the link below to find out what workout you can do in your own living room, any time of the day that is most convenient for you!

Getting your karate on in Gainesville

For those of you who want to get in a great workout, but also want to learn how to defend yourself, Gainesville Dojo offers several types of martial arts classes to help you do so. Located on 536 SW 2nd Avenue and open from Monday through Thursday from noon to 9 pm, Friday from noon to 6 pm, and Saturday and Sunday from 11 am to 1 pm the Gainesville Dojo offers a variety of different classes at different times so that you an pick which one you would like to master or which one interests you the most. The Dojo’s owner, Keith Telle,  has a 10th degree black belt with 40 years experience of teaching styles from USA Goju, Kali, Boxing, and Kickboxing. Teller as well as 7 other instructors teach a variety of different programs, including But not limited to, Karate, Kung Fu, Ju-Jitsu, and Kenpo. Memberships last a month long, so you decide if you would like to renew or even add on more classes. After taking any of these classes you will feel better about not just your health, but your safety as well.