3 Simple Steps to Create a Better Entryway


The space closest to your apartment door is integral to the flow of traffic and functionality within your living space – aside from your dog, it’s the first thing you see when you walk in the door after a day at work and it’s the last thing you see before heading back out the door. Having an organized and efficient entryway makes your apartment life that much better.

  1. Add a surface An end table, a floating shelf, or a tv tray can all help provide a place to put things down (mail, keys, a drink, etc.) as you walk in the door. Adding a mail divider on your table surface will prevent it from getting too cluttered up with paper. Once your hands are free you can do the all-important coming home rituals, like petting the dog and collapsing on the couch.
  2. Add a seat The second component to the ideal entryway is something to sit on, and like the surface there are many different ways to accomplish this. A stool, a chair, a bench (with storage underneath, perhaps!), a pouf or ottoman, can all come in handy depending on the amount of space you have and look you’re going for. If you have a chair by the entryway, you can sit and put on your shoes, Mr. Rogers style, before heading out for the day.
  3. Decorate Simply because the space is utilitarian does not mean it can’t be attractive. Adding a framed picture and some decorative lighting to the space creates a good-looking nook. Go the extra mile by putting a small rug in front of your seat and some shoe storage nearby.