Safe Snacking for Dogs


I was absolutely determined to never ever feed my dog little morsels from the table when I adopted him. I did a fantastic job of refraining from doing so too until someone (cough, my Dad, cough) decided to start doing it anyway. And now, like most dogs he is a shameless expert in the soulful-eyed, innocent look from the edge of the table. “Please, no one here every feeds me,” he seems to say. Needless to say I often succumb to the manipulation more often these days.

I was surprised to find out just how many things are unsafe for dogs to eat. This goes especially for small dogs, who are generally more sensitive to toxic substances. Most people know about not feeding dogs chocolate, but did you also know grapes are considered toxic to dogs? Garlic and onions are also two things easily dropped on the floor while cooking that you don’t want your furry friend to indulge in. Some others on the ASPCA’s list are:





Xylitol (a sweetener used in chewing gum)

Citrus fruits

Alcohol of any kind

If you want to make your own treats for your best friend to keep in the kitchen, try one of these recipes from the Kitchn here.

So be careful what you’re feeding your pet from the table! The ASPCA’s list applies to both dogs and cats so you can make sure to keep your critters safe and healthy.