Double Crunchy Honey Garlic Chicken

When it comes to cooking at home, you may get scared that if you are not an experienced chef that you may run out of ideas and that your cooking may get bland and boring. However, there are a variety of recipes that you can find that are cheap and easy to make that will be sure to excite your taste buds. This week, I have found a recipe for you that has been praised by hundreds of bloggers. The original recipe called for pork chops and I am sure that the pork chops are just as delicious, but this recipe calls for chicken. Most of the ingredients are probably already in your kitchen and if not, they are very easily found at your local grocery store and on top of that, the prep time and cook time in total is only about 30 minutes. If crunchy honey garlic chicken sounds like a delicious meal for you, then be sure to check out the link below to check out the recipe.