New year, new apartment: How to redo your place for cheap

With the New Year comes a fresh beginning and as you make your New Year’s resolutions, make new goals for yourself, and even get makeovers, you may want to think about giving your place a mini renovation. Renovations don’t have to cost big bucks either; there are tons of cheap and even fun ways to add some character to your apartment/home.


Get rid of clutter

Start off the New Year by getting rid of the garbage from last year. Go through old papers, books, receipts, etc. and toss them out. Once all the junk is out (here comes the not so fun part) give your place a good cleaning. Trust me, the aftermath will be well worth the work.


Get tons of frames to decorate your apartment

Thrift and consignment stores often sell frames very cheap, so spend an afternoon picking out a lot of different styles, sizes, and colors you like to fill up your place. A really cool idea would be to fill half the frames with pictures from 2014 and leave the other frames empty until you can fill them up with pictures of the fun times you’ll have in 2015.



Pick out cool colors and go crazy on those walls. Get really creative and paint accent walls or even add shapes and designs if you are really artistic.

*Note though, some apartment complexes don’t allow you to paint the walls, however, most will as long as you repaint the wall to their original color when you are ready to move out. Be sure to check before you get out your Picasso brushes.


Get new accessories

From rugs to throw pillows and art, your living space should be a reflection of you so get rid of old accessories and get new ones to reflect how you want the New Year and new you to be. These accents don’t have to be huge and extravagant. Things as simple as new lampshades and curtains can add a whole new vibe to a room.


Have fun re-doing your space and happy 2015