Cheese Daddy

Something we probably all grew up with is your mom making you a delicious grilled cheese sandwich after school.  The fond memories of that ooey-gooey cheese melted in between 2 crispy, crunchy slices of bread.  To you, there was no better meal.  Luckily, a new restaurant has opened that promises to let you relive those delicious memories with more types of grilled cheese sandwiches than you can probably imagine.  Cheese Daddy, located at 16 NW 18th St #105, Gainesville, is a short walk from midtown or a quick ride from downtown Gainesville. Their menu is full of options that will leave your mouth watering, from the Plain Jane and the Italian, to a grilled cheese pizza and even a grilled cheese donut!  Finish off your meal with a bowl of creamy tomato bisque and soft drink.  Open every day from 11 am to 10 pm, be sure to stop by today…your mother would be proud.