Checklist for finding the Best Apartment

After finishing your budget prep for your first apartment search, you can start your checklist for finding the best apartment for you.

You may use the Apartment Comparison Worksheet to compare the apartments you are touring and help you keep track of questions you may need to ask about the apartment and the answers you are given.

Use the following checklist to find the best apartment.

  • Review your checklist and your apartment comparison worksheet. Shop around different communities.
  • Know your budget and stay within it.
  • Create a list of needs/wants of the apartment before you start.
  • Do you need a roommate?
  • Drive around and decide what part of town you want to live in.
  • Will you need to be on a bus route?
  • Tour the communities you are interested in and meet with management.
  • Ask questions of other tenants on how management treats students, how timely they fix maintenance issues, if they ensure quiet and safety at night, etc.
  • Look for safety features. Dead bolts, security gates, lighting, sprinklers and fire extinguishers.
  • Go back to the community at night and make sure it is quiet enough for you to study, sleep, and is well lit for safety.