Kitty Cat’s Apartment Paradise


Do you have cats? Do you absolutely adore your cats? Thought so. Well, you don’t have to spend $35,000 in additions to your place like this guy ( to make your kitty happy, but you can easily make a fun environment for your fluffball to play in while you’re at school or work.

One of the easiest ways to make a kitty cat playground is to find sturdy (I want to emphasize the sturdy part here) floating shelves which you can mount to your wall to form a walkway of platforms your cat can travel between. Cats love to hang out on surfaces way up high and watch the goings on from above. Make sure you know what kind of walls you have, what weight the shelves can hold, and that you have them mounted properly. Safety for your cats is of the utmost importance! (Make sure you check with your apartment managing staff to see if it is okay to hang things on the wall first.)

If you’re not keen on putting things in the wall, which is totally understandable, there is a great list of IKEA hacks for cats here on Apartment Therapy’s website:

Aside from being affordable, the beauty of IKEA hacks for cats is you can go to IKEA and see that pretty much anything with trays, baskets, or shelves can be converted into a kitty playground. For instance, this example sums it up pretty well:


before after