Apartment Plants For You and Your Cat


Living with three cats comes with some pretty unique challenges – pulling a chair out from under the dining room table just to find that it’s already occupied, continuously removing cats from the kitchen counter (because, yuck), and realizing your earbuds are actually a really cool cat toy for the furry parties involved. I’m absolutely a self proclaimed cat lady, but one of the not-so-good parts of living with cats is their love of potted plants. Something about domestic cats makes them want to eat every green living thing in sight, which makes it hard for me to grow a bonsai or an orchid when and where I want to. This not only puts a damper on having plants because they end up leafless or with little teeth marks in the leaves, but because many houseplants are actually toxic to cats.

If you’re feeling bummed out because you love your cat more than a potted plant (like me), here is a list of plants you can have in your apartment that are absolutely safe for your cats to nibble on. Some of them are not just safe, but even good for them!

Wheatgrass This one can help aid your cat’s digestive system!

Cat Nip This one is pretty much a no-brainer


Spider Plants


Lavender This plant can be relaxing for both you and your kitty cat


For a list of plants which are toxic to cats, check here to make sure you’re not endangering your kitty.